Sunday, May 31, 2009

2 weeks until training!

Hi everyone! I am now 2 weeks away from leaving for Minneapolis for candidate training with other new Janz Team members. I will be leaving on June 13 and coming back on June 20. I was actually able to get plane tickets out of Pasco for just as much as flying out of Spokane. I was particularly happy for that since I will need to drive myself to the airport and since it is an early morning flight. My flight back also worked well because it will be a nonstop and it doesn't leave until later in the day. Janz Team told us ahead of time that if we want to visit the Mall of America, we could try to get a later flight on June 20 so that we can go to the mall first. So, now I get to go to that too! I am very excited to go to training and meet the other new members with some of those also going to be going to BFA. I have a few things I need to do and prepare before I go, but it's not too much.
I have been working throughout the month of May at a job I did last summer when I was home too. It has been going very well and I have been able to get many more hours than I expected to which is such a blessing (especially when it comes to paycheck time). I have also been able to spend some time with family including going to my favorite camping spot over Memorial day weekend at a place at the foot of Mt. Adams.
I am also excited to be able to go to a roommate's (from college) wedding in mid-July. The only thing that messes with the excitement for that, is that it also means I will be leaving for Germany very soon after that. Which is of course a very exciting thing, but also a little sad with leaving family and friends. It certainly helps knowing I have a friend from college who has already been an RA at BFA for a year and will be there when I am there.
As for a support update, all of my start-up costs have been covered through one-time donations! What that means for any new one-time donations that come in is that they will be divided among the 23 months I will be serving to go towards the amount I need for monthly support. I am also now up to $760 pledged per month! Which puts me at about 42%. I will need 80% to actually leave for Germany, so please pray with me and have faith with me that the rest will come in soon. It has been amazing, especially the last couple of weeks, to see that amount come in. God has been pushing me to just have faith (not just say it, but have it) that He will bring in the needed amount. I have also been encouraged through readings in my devotional. One, in particular, was talking about having such faith that God will come through, to thank Him now for what He will bring later. That has been a big change in my thinking. Another thing that has been an encouragement is when someone reminded me that God has known for a long time that He had this in His plan for my life, long before I ever knew. Remembering that helps me to know that He knew He would have me serve at BFA which means He also knew that He would bring in the funds needed so that I could go where He calls me.