Monday, March 1, 2010

this past week

We had a busy week this week preparing for and many participating in Candle Light Dinner. Candle Light Dinner is it is an outreach event for locals in our community. The narration was all in German and it was geared towards reaching non-believers. On Wednesday night there was a dress rehearsal that everyone who was going to be helping had to attend leaving our dorm with only a few students left. Many of our girls helped by serving, hosting, and performing in the show. I was able to attend the dress rehearsal since I wouldn't be able to see it during the weekend. Candle Light Dinner was on Friday and Saturday night. They were nights filled with van runs to get girls back and forth, but it all worked out and everybody seemed to have a good time. We heard good reports about how it went from the gal who organized it on Sunday at church.

This weekend was Cara’s weekend off, but we were blessed to have a student teacher, Sarah Sax, come to stay at the dorm to fill in for her. The girls seemed to truly enjoy having her here and getting to know her on a more personal level outside of school. She was a huge help to us as well since it would’ve been only Brant and I otherwise.

We ended the weekend with watching the Canada vs. USA Olympic hockey game. There are many of us from America and some (mainly one) from Canada, so it was fun to let out our patriotism. Those with no loyalty to either country chose a side (most chose Canada). Flags from each country were brought out to represent on either side of the TV and many bore their national colors. It was a great game to watch and a lot of fun with the girls to cheer our countries on.

The biggest change to recently happen is that we gained one more girl! She arrived late Thursday evening from Korea with her mom. Her name is Jeewon (Jessie). She has already finished her freshman year, but will be auditing, in a way, freshman courses for the rest of this year and jumping into her sophomore year next year. At dorm fellowship last night we had a chance to go around and tell her who we all are and at the end she was able to repeat back all of our names! We were quite impressed. The girls are very excited to have her here and have been great at welcoming her with open arms.

Prayer requests:
Our dorm mom is still in the states finishing things up from her mother's estate. Please pray that she can return soon and safe.
The whole high school is off to high school retreat this weekend. Please pray for their safety and for spiritual growth from what they hear from the speaker.
Please also be praying for our new girl, Jessie, and her transition into life here and for us, as a staff, to have wisdom on how to make her feel welcome.

Praying you all have a great week!


P.S. I have uploaded some pictures from our dorm Christmas party, my Christmas break, and from my weekend off last weekend when I spent two nights in Strasbourg, France with 2 other gal RA's.