Tuesday, July 28, 2009

leaving Sunday from Seattle!

I have WONDERFUL news! As of this morning, I am officially leaving for Germany! in 5 days!! The Lord provided 80% of my support to be filled and I was able to get a plane ticket out of Seattle for Sunday evening! I leave Seattle @ 6:50 pm and fly straight to London to arrive there Monday morning. I then have a short layover and fly from London right into Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse, France. It is very nice that I don't have to connect many places and also that I get to fly straight into Basel where I will be picked up rather than having to take a train into there. I was also blessed to be able to fly with British Airways who have wonderful missionary fares and gave a good deal on the flight and best of all...allow a free 3'rd bag!! This makes packing a lot less worrisome.
I am also grateful that I get to be home 1 more weekend and get to say goodbye to my church family on Sunday. Since I don't fly out until the evening, I am going to church Sunday morning and then my parents will drive me up to Seattle right afterwards. It all worked out wonderfully! Of course it did, God DOES know what He's doing ; )
It's been amazing to see God work through this whole process. I was tested with faith to stay strong and believe He was going to get me there on time and it feels wonderful to have that faith pay off and come true.
Please be praying for my travel, packing, and adjusting to life "across the pond". Also, please pray for the relationships and new friendships that I will be making over there. Thank you to all of you for your prayers and support!