Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Long Weekend

Every Sunday one of us staff members or our student dorm representative writes a letter to the parents that we post for them to read and catch up on what our dorm's been up to. This last weekend was my chance, so I thought I'd just also post it onto my blog for you all to see what our last weekend was like too. So, here it is:

This weekend has been an extended one as there was no school today (Monday). It has been crazy, fun, long, interesting, beautiful, busy, and overall great.

Brant and Laura(the dorm parents) had their weekend off which went from Thursday through Sunday. Micah and Heather Powers came to stay with us to help Amy and I out with cooking, driving and such. It was a home basketball weekend, so on Friday everyone stayed after school to cheer on their dorm sisters Taylor, Helen, and Kat in their games. Along with the games they also had a coffee house going on for a junior class fundraiser with Starbucks coffee, baked goods, and live music. At the same time they also had a book swap going on where you could trade in books and/or buy them for very little money.

We all got up on Saturday morning to go see the second day of basketball games. All of our teams lost all of their games this weekend, but our girls played especially well on Saturday. They were just up against a very hard team. Saturday night we relaxed a bit with a movie and some popcorn.

On Sunday we had church and a wonderful supper made by Heather. The weather was beautiful, so many people got out for a walk and enjoyed the sunshine. We also had a mandatory 2 hour rest time in the afternoon in preparation for Superbowl night. Amy and I decided since the weekend had been so busy that we would watch a movie for dorm fellowship Sunday night. We all had a great time together as it is very rare for everyone to get together like that.

The boys' dorm HBR had invited anyone that wanted to go from our dorm to come over for the Superbowl Sunday night (technically Monday morning). We headed out at about 11:45 pm and the game lasted until a bit after 4 am. It worked out well since there was no school today. It was a very quiet morning, needless to say, and we made some frozen pizzas around 1 when everyone was starting to come around. It was another beautiful day, so many enjoyed the outdoors before heading off to the Sadie Hawkins dance. It was a dance where the girls asked the boys and a couple from the community led them in Swing dancing.

As I said, it was a very busy and jam-packed weekend, but it was a great one with some amazingly beautiful weather.

Here are 2 pictures of one of my girls and I enjoying the abnormally beautiful weather on Sunday-

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